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Requisites & Stipulations of Smartsnake (T&C)

It is utmost important for users of Smartsnake Technical Services to pay attention to all the “prerequisites” and “state of affairs” of Smartsnake before start using its computer support. You should be aware of all the details of the services which Smartsnake offers you. Knowing “Nuts & Bolts” of Smartsnake is beneficial for you as we believe in informing you rather than deceiving you like other technical service providers. This is the reason why we have a strong customer base. Be watchful while reading this page. Do not miss to read any point. We promise to satisfy you in best possible way so that you will be 100% sure of what “Value of Money Paid” you are getting.

Why Users must go through the important “Information & Instructions”?
 It is important for users to understand their journey and relationship with one of the best technical service providers- Smartsnake. This is to inform you in detail as to what all terms & conditions you have to agree before you begin with us. At any point of time you should not feel that you were not informed of this in advance. Moreover, the users should never think that they were better off not opting for this computer assistance as it is not worth. They should be more confident in each and every sense.

What all we inform our esteemed users about?

Smartsnake technical service team wants its users to know the following fundamentals of Smartsnake:

  • Period of all the Subscription Plans
  • When can Smartsnake alter/change its prerequisites?
  • What you need to pay if you opt to dissolve a subscription plan before its expiry?
  • Conditions applied in case of disputes
  • Eligibility Criteria for refund
  • Information you need to share with us

This information is not only important for you but it is beneficial for you to know what services you are getting, when and how.


Conformity is the state of acceptance on the part of users after understanding all the requisites and stipulations of Smartsnake including the privacy policy and all additional conditions. Acknowledgement by Smartsnake in writing is given to the users to ensure their eligibility to the subscription plans they accept. All the users please make sure that you go through the Privacy Policy as well to understand the requisites of Smartsnake in a better way. Users must understand and agree upon the licensing agreement if they want to use the “software” offered by Smartsnake itself or any third party acting on behalf of Smartsnake.

For Users’ Clarity:

  • The term “Smartsnake” has been used for SMARTSNAKE INC LIMITED AND Smart Snake. INC.
  • Users must know the difference between Subscription based plans offered by Smartsnake and Incident based plans. Subscription based plans serve the users for a particular period of time which the users opt for.
  • The term “You” refers to the Users only.
  • The terms “Certified Technicians” or “Tech Experts” or “Techies” or “Experts” are used for the trained professionals who work for the users and solve their queries in best possible manner.
  • You must know the difference between “Plan Orders” & “Service Plans”. A plan order includes the required services which a user want from Smartsnake and further place an order for it using the online portal of Smartsnake (www.smartsnake.net) or by simply calling on the toll-free number. Users need to get themselves registered first before doing so. When a Plan Order is submitted by any user, Smartsnake team accepts it and sends him back a “Service Plan” giving all the details of the technical services he has subscribed for.
  • There is a particular payment procedure specified for users which needs to be accepted by them for making payments.
  • Renewal-Plans will be auto-charged at the time of expiry and if you want to discontinue you must speak to our customer care executive in advance (at least a month before). Failing to inform will lead to continuation of the plan and debiting you of the plan fee once again.
  • Some products or technical services of Smartsnake are limited to few countries only and therefore cannot be viewed in other countries.
  • Smartsnake is not liable for the additional amount paid by the users.

For further clarifications, you can reach us at our toll-free number- 1-800-986-4764

Responsibility and Reasonable Efforts of Smartsnake:

Smartsnake undertakes the responsibility to perform the problem diagnosis by putting in its rational pain and thereby providing the users best of the solutions for their computer issues. These solutions will be addressed by remote sessions, chats or emails whichever suits you best. You must know that a remote session gives the technicians limited access to your computer with no harm to your sensitive data or any other software. A successful completion of the remote session will place a file on your computer giving you the details of the work done which you may keep for future references or simply delete.

About Subscription Plans & Payment:

Users must know that they are liable to make the payment before they begin with the services of Smartsnake. In other words, when you chose any plan, you need to pay for it in advance before starting to take advantage of them. This is irrespective of the period of plan i.e. the plan may be a term plan (semi-annual or annual). For recurring plans which are on monthly basis, you need to pay in advance too. Users need to pay the “Subscription Fees” of the plan they chose which is also known as Service Fee. This fee is non-refundable and will not be returned even at the time of termination of the plan on the part of users. Dropping any of the services included in the plan ordered for is not valid for any refund or deduction from the total fee of the plan.

What users need to provide us to make payment?

Users need to furnish their updated credit card details while making payment. Smartsnake does not require debit card details and if mistakenly it is given by a user, Smartsnake will not be liable for the charges associated with it. While giving the credit card details the user give authority to Smartsnake or any other third party acting on behalf of Smartsnake to keep charging the aforesaid amount until it is completely charged for entire service fee of the plan. Also the authority is being given to the credit card issuer to not sign any receipt for making such payments. In case you opt for electronic fund transfer for making payment and fail to transfer the money, Smartsnake will not be liable to deliver you the services.

About Refund:

If our technical support team finds your problem to be indisputable and authentic by investigating all conditions associated with it, you are eligible to get the refund. If your issue which was successfully resolved by our team reoccurs in 15 days of resolution, you are eligible to get the refund.

Privacy Policy:

At different levels, we gather information from you and further use it in serving you in best possible way. You’ll be asked for a few details like your name, phone number, operating system, browser and other appropriate technical details. A remote session is done by our technicians after taking your consent well in advance. By operating your computer remotely, we are allowed to have its full control. Very important for users to notice- we don’t access any information which is not required or needed in resolving your issues.
Our technicians will access only that information which plays important role in giving you the solutions for your problem. You also share some information with our technicians while working with them towards fixing your computer. This information could be of technical, financial or personal nature. We need the information that identifies you personally and can be used to contact you at a later point of time. Such details will include name, last name, address, e-mail address, phone number and other appropriate details. These details will not be misused be Smartsnake but at the same time they are not proprietary to you.

Smartsnake’s Technical Services should not be exploited by any personal and unlawful usage:

The technical services you receive or tend to receive should not be copied, modified, reproduced, published, transferred or further sold to any person, company or third party. This is completely unlawful and in such cases Smartsnake deserves the right to penalize the defaulter. Moreover, the services should be received only on the registered computer, in case it is noticed that they are received on any other computer, then Smartsnake has the right to terminate and discontinue the subscription plan(s). If at any point of time, it is recovered that the services of Smartsnake are abused in any sense, users must not only be penalized but also their subscription plans will be terminated with no refund. Creating hyperlinks to Smartsnake web portal is completely prohibited.

Responsibilities of Users

It is the responsibility of the user to maintain a data-back up of all the information stored in his computer before actually starting up with the remote sessions. In no case, Smartsnake is responsible for any data loss. Users must cooperate with the tech experts of Smartsnake when the session is going on. They need to listen carefully and provide the details required. At the time of registration, users may need to create their respective accounts and passwords. The confidentiality of their accounts and passwords is solely users. In no case the misuse of their accounts shall be borne by Smartsnake. Moreover, users must immediately inform Smartsnake the moment they notice any such misuse. Any loss incurred by Smartsnake on such misuse shall be chargeable to the particular user only.

Acceptable Delays by Unavoidable Circumstances:

Users must accept the delays in receiving services due to any of the following:

  • Strikes
  • Military Action
  • Computer Virus
  • Wars, Riots, Acts of Terrorism
  • Floods
  • Civil Disorders
  • Internet server down
  • Any other act of a third party

These are the rare circumstances to take place but it is the responsibility of Smartsnake to keep its valuable users informed of all the possible situations of inconvenience.

What are third party products and agreements?

Users may be offered on his consent some third party software which is licensed by the owners of such products only. The role of Smartsnake technicians is limited to assist users in installing and making it available to users in a comfortable way. Very important for users to note that in no case Smartsnake gives you warranty of all third party products you purchase. It is solely between you and the third party. In simple words, before buying third party software, you must accept all the mentioned terms and conditions.

How Smartsnake will exchange a few words with users regularly?

Smartsnake allows its registered users to interact with its employees by any of the following means with a limitation of using the communication after acceptance of a particular Plan Order which user wants to subscribe for:

  • Personal Web Portals
  • News Groups & Forums
  • Chat Messages (Instant Messaging)
  • Email Services
  • Communities
  • Bulletin Board Services
  • Calendars
  • Social Media (FB,Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Others

Users must know that they are not supposed to use the valuable information provided by Smartsnake for any other illegal and unlawful purpose like for advertising and posting on any other portal. Using the information as junk emails or for spamming or commercial purposes (surveys or contests) is illegal. Downloading any image from Smartsnake portal and further using it somewhere else is completely prohibited. Using the information to threaten or harass somebody is a punishable offence. Do not upload any file containing virus. Users should at all cost not reproduce any single information from Smartsnake communication services. Smartsnake warns its users not to violate any of its code of conduct. Creating a fake identity to misled Smartsnake will not be ignored by us. Smartsnake team will penalize you for doing so.

Alterations in web portal of Smartsnake:

Smartsnake will keep on updating its web portal (www.smartsnake.net) and it is the responsibility of the users to stay familiar with the latest news and happenings. Smartsnake may further modify its requisites & stipulations and post it on its web portal for users. Law of United States of America will govern all the disputes arising out this “requisites and stipulations”. Any other jurisdiction does not come in the picture anyhow.

Clarifications and Users Enquiries are answered at support@smartsnake.net and the toll-free number – 1-800-986-4764

“Do not hesitate to send us your queries, we will gladly reply you”