Scam Alert By SmartSnake

“Word of Warning” against “Internet Scamming” by Smartsnake

Internet Scamming is an online malicious activity where you are robbed off of your confidential information and hard earned money by fraudsters in many ways you are unaware of. These scams are burgeoning at a fast and unstoppable pace. Many questions must be coming in your mind right now and taking care of that we Smartsnake Technical Support assist you by making you more attentive towards all such online frauds/scams.
Smartsnake has come up with “Warning Messages” for you where you will get complete information on several scams and frauds. This is to make you as much aware as possible of all such online thefts so that you can take help of potential measures at the earliest. Smartsnake provide you the scam reports for you to read and gain insight of all the ways to fleece you. We provide you simple tips on daily basis thereby giving you “Internet Sense”.

Smartsnake guides you on “How to come out of the scam?”

You must be wondering as to what is the need of such warnings? Here is the answer- Each day the scamsters plan as many new ways to swindle you which you can’t even think of in your dreams. That’s why there is a continuous call for “Learning & In-Depth Awareness” on the part of an innocent internet user. Regular internet users are more vulnerable to scams. Smartsnake proves as a boon in not only making you aware of the threats but continuously reminding you of updating your system with latest security software. Our systematic & scientific approach assures a complete “Peace of Mind” to you.
Please pay attention to the following important information for you as a computer user:

What kind of deceitful activities you should stay alert of?

Online dating scams, fake antivirus scams, payment scams, competition scams and all fake deals can catch your attention when you are surfing the web. Many times these scams ask for your personal details saying that you have won a lottery. Also you are fooled off by mails seeking your help in removing a lump sum amount from a foreign country. Smartsnake promises to warn you against all such online tricks. At any cost do not provide information related to your credit cards numbers, emails, bank account numbers, etc. Moreover, it is very difficult to distinguish the scams on daily basis as they are veiled from users.

Smartsnake saves you from “Internet Crooks”

Who actually are the fraudsters and how they can cheat you?

The fraudsters, who actually cheat you, are the internet professionals and experts. They are the masters of such fake tactics which cannot be traced afterwards. They don’t leave a trail behind the scams they do. Like you can’t locate the IP address of the computers they use to function. Not only this, they have expertise to violate a good security software. So, the only way left to stay protected is to make yourself completely known of these online fake activities well in time. Smartsnake gives you way-outs to avoid scams.

What kind of harm you may face with these fraudulent activities?

All such malicious activities are strong enough to make a big hole in your pocket. Not only financially but you are also likely to lose your sensitive personal information which afterwards can take the shape of blackmailing from the fraudsters. Smartsnake helps you to spot various frauds.

“Tweak these Scams & Thwart the Scamsters”

Inheritance Scams: Any fraudulent activity that dupes you by making you believe that you have inherited some property or money. Smartsnake warns you against such fake emails notifications stating that an investigation process is being conducted on behalf of a bank so that the beneficiary of their deceased customer can be found. Do not answer any question generally asked in such fake emails thereby giving your personal details. Furthermore these Inheritance Scams may charge you the fees, so don’t get trapped.

Internet Video Scam: Any unknown video that suddenly flashes on your screen trying to catch your attention. Smartsnake warns you against all such bogus and false videos which appear in the form of unknown URLS and tend to spread at rapid speed. Such videos corrupt your system. You may end up suffering a lot and losing all your valuable & sensitive data. Beware while using any social networking websites as such links can be easily posted on your status updates by the fraudsters. Do not fill any surveys you are asked by clicking on any of the videos as you are very likely thereby to share your personal information which can later on be misused. Smartsnake warns you not to click on any “Shocking Video” or “Video of any Celebrity”. You may end up downloading malware if you will do so. Immediately remove all such videos if by any chance you encounter the same.

Online Software Scam: Any email or notification offering you to buy software for your own good and better functionality of your computer can harm your computer and all the confidential information stored therein. Smartsnake warns you against all such phony tricks. These are actually the pirated versions of the software demanded by the users. Their availability in low prices is what users are attracted to. What users don’t know is that the programs of such pirated software are unlicensed and stolen. Stay alert and do not buy any software online at cheap prices. What you must know is OEM software (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is also sometimes offered by these scams whereas the original one comes with hardware and can never be resold. Beware of all such auction sites which are more into the business of spreading such scams and cheating people. Stay cautious about these cyber-criminals and say no to piracy.

Fake Antivirus Scams: Any scam which detects a false virus on your computer thereby infecting it and ending up selling a fake antivirus to you. Smartsnake prevents you from all such fraudulent activities. “Security Concern” is the biggest drawback which can trap many of users by the scamsters. Do not be the easy prey of hackers in order to safeguard your PC. You need to stay cautious at alarming rate. We suggest you not to click on any of the pop-ups you come across while surfing the web as you may end up losing your own confidential information. These pop-ups actually are the “carriers of spyware” which give access to unauthorized hackers to take advantage and misuse your personal information.

Phone Scams: Any unknown caller trying to pretend from a reputed company may cheat you by convincing you to disclose him your very sensitive and confidential information. Smartsnake tries to make you fully aware of it that scams are not limited to only emails but are expanding at a fast pace. You can be misled on phones also when brand names are used to deceive you. Do not trust on any such call. The reason why phone scams are increasing is the fact that the dependency of common man on a mobile phone is more than required. You actually have no idea about the extent of harm you can incur because of such calls. They not only have the hidden cost linked to it but if you will listen to them, they with the help of a software can trace the number of calls you have made there by leaking out our personal information. At any cost do not give the access to your computer to any unknown caller. Say no to cyber crimes by staying cautious and following our advice.

Online Dating Scams: Any deceitful act when one tries to find a relation using online channel and is duped in result. Smartsnake warns you to stay alert while using any social networking or matchmaking website and do not get emotionally connected. Moreover do not trust anyone there offering you money. Without any doubt it can be said that many relations establish online only and on the contrary fake relations are also increasing in number on the grounds of false online dating scams. Beware of not giving any financial help to the person who gets friendly to you when you register yourself. Moreover do not get attracted to a vulnerable photograph or any such person available online. Most importantly while dating online, you may meet someone who will pretend as an overseas fellow and will convince you to fix up a meeting and asking you to pay for the airfares. Do not give any hotline number if asked on a phone call.

Domain Name Scams: Any scam which targets to deceit you by giving a fake domain name required by you for business for identifications purposes. Establishing presence n internet is must for all the companies and is equally difficult as well. Must be wondering what a domain name does? Well, it makes your job to find any company very easily while browsing the internet. It is all about representing your company’s brand. A company who looks out to find a domain name online should always be alert and should not buy any domain name from unknown company. You should not buy any domain name if you have got an email for the same asking you to get your domain renewed at cheaper rates. Avoid any such calls also. Do not get any domain name reserved in advance if a company asks to do so.

Shopping related Scams: A mysterious shopping where the shopper offers you to get paid for dining or buying from him. Doing something which can attract the online shoppers is an easiest job for fraudsters to cheat them. You are likely to become an easy prey if you respond to the fake advertisements offering you employment and asking you to furnish some details. They may send you evaluation forms, training details and assignments so that you will believe them to be genuine. In return they ask you a good amount as their fees. This is where you get trapped into a false channel resulting in huge loss.

How can you recognize such fake emails and notifications?

Bad syntax and grammar is one of the clear indications of the trap being laid for you in the form of emails. Do not respond to it at all and immediately delete it permanently from your mail box. Avoid all the unknown sources of inheritance and related communication pledging for property where you can be the heir of the same. Any dubious and doubtful communication should be avoided.
Many of fake antivirus scams appear in the form of red/yellow triangle creating a state of panic about virus infections when you in haste of protecting your system end up purchasing it. Be extremely cautious. We don’t want you to be the victim of frauds and suspicion.

Steps to be taken against any deceitful online threat:

  • Do not click on pop-ups even if you will try closing then they will multiply
  • Your PC must have well-known Antivirus Products and Firewall
  • Do not open any email or attachment from an unknown sender
  • Set Firefox as your default web browser
  • Before downloading any attachment, you must scan it
  • Do not give your personal information to any unknown caller
  • Do not buy anything on a phone call and if at all you are convinced to buy, furnish you credit card details only not debit card
  • Documentation is necessary for any kind of payment you make
  • Keep changing the account numbers and respected passwords
  • In case of a theft, immediately inform your bank and subsequently report it
  • You must have trusted tech experts who can assist you anytime you are stuck with any suspicious activity
  • Do not apply for any job specially mystery shopping on a phone and before applying check the authenticity
  • Always remember when you apply or respond to shoppers related job that your screening should be done
  • Do not move ahead in case of online employment if the company claims to be located abroad
  • Do not pay checks for any online payments