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Smart People Smart Computing
At Smart Snake we offer an entire range of services that take care of all your computing needs and ensure your peace of mind. We call it Smart People Smart Computing. We ensure our round the clock availability to keep you going whenever you need help.

Device and Peripherals:
Apart from your computer, the devices that you use with it also need care. At Smart Snake we understand this need. Get help for your MP3 player, external disk drives, keyboard, mouse, digital camera, pen drives, phones and printers.

Computer Security:
Protect your computer from multitude of online threats and hackers. We offer support for antivirus, antispam, firewall and privacy theft. Secure computing is happy computing, our certified tech experts ensure it by working with latest technologies. We also support all major brands like Norton, McAfee, CA, Avast, Panda and others.

E-mail Support:
Manage your mailbox in a smarter way with no hassles. We provide support for Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Microsoft Entourage, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Our experts can help you with configuring your e-mail client, recovering lost e-mails, stopping spam and other things that you need to do with your e-mails.

Smartphone Support:
Your Smartphone can do a lot for you. For many people, a Smartphone is an office without a desk. Our smart tech experts assist you with set up procedures, installing updates, downloading pictures, configuring e-mails, creating back up and transferring files. Contact us to get more out of your Windows phone, Android phone or iPhone.

Printer Support:
Those who use printers know how troublesome getting a simple print could be sometimes. Configuration, setup, installation, drivers or other errors; our certified technicians assure uninterrupted operations by consistent delivery of high quality services. At Smart Snake we support all major printer brands like Dell, HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother, Lexmark and others.

PC Optimization:
Slow and freezing computers are a big problem for a smart user. The performance of any computer starts deteriorating after some time of use. Our high quality service ensures your PC/Laptop works as new whenever you are on it. Need help? Call us, our team of certified experts are listening.

Windows Support:
Windows operating systems are used worldwide and have largest market share. Windows support millions of software and devices and that’s where Windows users face problems. Our tech experts ensure better stability and efficiency of your PC by assisting you with Windows installation, software installation, driver and device problems, maintenance and optimization. We support XP, Vista, Windows 7 and upgrades.

Data Security:
We understand how valuable your data is and we know how to keep it secured while maintaining its integrity and cost. Keeping your valuable data secured involves a lot of infrastructure and while you also need to ensure the integrity of the same. Creating backup, protection from online and offline threats, using online backup systems and tools are all part of your data security plan. Our tenured Data Security Analysts know this job better.